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Crucial Update

Kensington Palace Releases Photos of Princess Charlotte

Twitter/Kensington Palace

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The British Monarchy and basically every high profile celebrity likes to tease the public with photos of their offspring; it's their way of keeping the lowly non-celebs in check in case they ever decide to declare a civil war against the British Upper Class and their Land Rovers.

The latest baby to be subject to this gimmick is none other than Princess Charlotte, the child of Kate Middleton and Prince William that not many people care about as much as Prince George, her older brother and the kid directly in line for the crown. Still, that doesn't stop royal obsessives or whatever pet name they have ascribed to themselves from obsessing over the youngest member of the Royal family.

Everyone's favorite Princess, besides Diana, Kate Middleton decided to put her photography skills to the test and snap some pictures of the young Princess, who is now clearly able to sit up by herself.

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