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Mary-Kate Olsen Handed Out Cigarettes During Her Wedding

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Getty/Mireya Acierto

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Mary-Kate Olsen is known for many things; starring in Full House, starring in So Little Time, starring in New York Minute, being a co-creative director for hyper luxury label The Row, and most importantly smoking. All of these activities still do not distinguish her as an individual from her twin sister Ashley as they partook and continue to partake in some these things to this day in 2015.

Another group of people who like smoking as much as Mary-Kate and Ashley are the French; they are probably not even addicted to nicotine, but Parisians in particular probably just smoke for aesthetic reasons. There is nothing quite like topping off an undone look with a cigarette.

In a secret Manhattan wedding to her boyfriend/petit copain of two years Olivier Sarkozy, a source told Page Six that guests were required to switch their cellphones off prior to the ceremony and that "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes" were passed around among the 50 attendees.

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