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Crucial Update

Prince Harry Falls off Horse During Game of Polo in South Africa

Getty/Samir Hussein

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Though respected by many as perfect beacons of light; shining examples of how to live this human life, the British Monarchy can mess up. A lot. The most recent of which was during a routine trip to a former colony by one of the royal family members. The point is to take some pictures with a black kid, a brown kid, a South East Asian kid and to throw in an indigenous kid for good measure, just as long as they are living with some kind of disadvantage. After they smile with each other, the royals go back to their usual business of sitting in a palace and the kids go back to being disadvantaged. It's a hard life for the royals, so understandably the pressure to get everything right is stronger than ever during one of these tours.

Royal bachelor du jour Prince Harry is currently on a trip to Africa and after having taken a picture of him touching a black kid (as seen below), it was time for him to get his white polo on for a spot of Polo in Cape Town. The only problem was that the poor Prince fell down! You silly old goof, Harry!