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Crucial Update

Kourtney Kardashian Managed to Make Sweaters and No Pants Practical

Fame Flynet

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Sweaters worn without pants may seem like a highly ineffective way to prepare for colder weather, but as Kourtney Kardashian has demonstrated, there is a practical way to wear the look: Just add giant thigh-high boots.

She and son Mason Disick were spotted shopping at Saint Laurent in Beverly Hills, California earlier today, and while he was wearing a very Justin-Bieber-circa-"Baby" hoodie, vest, and hair combination, the oldest Kardashian was in sunglasses and what appears to be a Yeezy Season 2 sweater, with zero pants in sight.

But unlike the countless models on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram who continually refuse to pair their huge, bulky sweaters with anything other than tiny socks (or more often, nothing at all), Kourtney instead went with stiletto boots that may as well have been pants, considering the amount of skin they managed to cover.

Sweaters and no pants: finally a practical outfit.