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Crucial Update

Hannah Davis Masters the Art of the Lowkey Ring Flash

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

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"Oh, this old thing?" Hannah Davis seemed to say at last night's Country Music Awards. Though she and Derek Jeter have reportedly been engaged for a week, the red carpet was her first public appearance with the new ring, and spoiler: It's exactly as giant and shiny as you dreamed.

Just as Derek Jeter lowkey confirmed the news of their engagement by burying it in a blog post about his dog, Hannah Davis was impossibly casual about the whole having-a-giant-new-rock-on-her-hand situation, despite the fact that the ring in question is reportedly between four and six carats and likely worth between $150,000 and $200,000. Page Six notes:

"Another seller noted that the ring is probably on the larger side of the 4- to 6-carat range because 5-foot-10 Davis has large hands, which would dwarf a ring."

Okay! Here's a closer look at it: