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Crucial Update

Sleeves Are Happening and Julianne Moore's Are Frilly


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Though most of the world will remember November 5th, 2015 as the day Balmain made everyone in the entire world lose their chill, something equally as important is happening concurrently: Celebrities wearing really, really great sleeves.

First, Jennifer Lawrence wore what appeared to be a sleeveless gown to last night's Hunger Games premiere in Berlin, but which turned out to have long, pouffy sleeves and elegant armpit cutouts. Then, Katy Perry chose a jumpsuit with absolutely gigantic bat wings to an otherwise ordinary gala.

And because celebrities not only die in threes but also rock fancy sleeves in threes, during today's Hunger Games premiere in London, Julianne Moore wore this very frilly Chanel dress:

Which, in case you were wondering, is just as frilly on the back: