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Crucial Update

Jennifer Lawrence Upgrades Armpit Cutouts to Slits

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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Last night was the UK premiere of the final installment of the Hunger Games movies. At the recent Berlin premiere, Jennifer Lawrence was the star of the red carpet with a satin Dior dress, complete with a hole to air her B.O., should the cool Berlin Fall weather require it.

With London being even cooler than Berlin, J Law needed to up her dress game with some deeper holes. This time, she wore a navy Dior — what else? — couture dress with a speckled orange pattern, and chains holding the front and back together. The next dress she wears will probably be made of two separate pieces in a never ending attempt to increase the holes originating at her pits.

In other very important Hunger Games-related news, Sam Clafin, who plays Finnick Odair in the movie franchise, is expecting a child with Guardians of the Galaxy actress, Laura Haddock. Where better to announce it than the red carpet?

Photo: Kanwai Tang/Getty