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Crucial Update

Audrina Patridge Announces She’s Pregnant Via Sponsored Post


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Turns out, there is a way to have a baby and still keep your career on track: simply turn your pregnancy announcement into an ad! Today, former reality show star Audrina "Seriously, I'm done" Patridge informed the world that she and her new fiancé would be expecting a baby via an Instagram post and a tweet, both of which also happened to be sponsored by Clearblue.

"I finally figured out what to get Corey for Christmas!" she wrote, helpfully adding the hashtags "#babyontheway," "#clearblueconfirmed," and finally, the simple "#ad."

Lest you wonder whether this was just a random promotion for Clearblue pregnancy tests and not an actual pregnancy announcement, you're not alone. Audrina's Hills co-star Spencer Pratt shares your concern, tweeting:

Us Weekly, however, confirms the news, on which Audrina reportedly said, "I feel at this point in my life I am ready to be a mama!"

Congratulations, Audrina and Corey. You can have it all!