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Crucial Update

Victoria's Secret Angels Admit to Humanhood, Sweat When They Work Out

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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Science, spirits, and beauty professionals came together to create Victoria's Secret Angels so they might sell affordable padding to a truly astounding number of people. However, during the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, an exercise fantasy, a few of these women took a moment to ground their personas in reality (and sell sports bras). Martha Hunt, Jac Jagaciak, and Stella Maxwell, admitted to sweating.

The women spoke to their various work out routines leading up to the runway, the most popular topic every year besides diet and selfies. One even compared the training for a show to that of an Olympian preparing for the games, which who knows! Maybe! But it's no secret that when a model signs the contract to walk in the show, she's submitting herself to heaps and piles of tired questions. Did the interviewer ask, "Do you also have the sweat gland?" or "Are you human? Or are you dancers?" or "Let's talk about moisture, shall we?"