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Crucial Update

Blake Lively Actually Chose a 'Gender Neutral' Baby Name

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After false—and illegal—hospital employee tweets, aggressive interrogation on Letterman, and what seemed like years of waiting, the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's little girl has slipped to E! Online. The Green Lantern and Preserve founder have landed on a gender neutral name, calling their new addition James. Don't hold your breath for the middle name announcement; it could be a while.

Clearly the gender neutrality of the name is debatable, especially compared to Blake and Ryan which seem to go from girl name to boy name more fluidly. What do you think of the name? Cute crossover or "lol, celebrities do the darndest things" choice?

Update: Ryan Reynolds has confirmed on NBC's Today that his little girl's name is, in fact, James. After jokingly telling Willie Geist, "It's Butternut Summer Squash," he said "It's James. Everyone knows."