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Where to Watch the Oscars (For Free!) Online

Cause let's be honest, cable is overrated.

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There's a chance that if you’re in the 18 to 35 set, you don't have access to cable TV. Luckily, the rest of the world is slowly catching on to the importance of live streaming, meaning you can basically watch every part of this year’s Oscars—from Guiliana Rancic’s Mani Cam to Neil Patrick Harris’s promised "unusual things"—online. Here's how.

The Red Carpet:

ABC Red Carpet (7pm ET)

ABC Red Carpet (on Facebook, 7PM ET)

E! Red Carpet (1:30pm ET)

AP Live Red Carpet (5:30pm ET)

CTV Red Carpet (cable provider sign-in required, 7pm ET)

Now TV (subscription required, 6:30pm ET)

The Oscars:

ABC (On computer, cable provider sign-in required, 8:30pm ET)

ABC (On iPad/Phone, cable provider sign-in required, starting at 8:30pm ET)