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Condé Nast Shutters Its Grand Blogging Experiment NowManifest

Driely S.
Driely S.

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Business of Fashion reports that Condé Nast has shut down NowManifest, the blog network that hosted high profile names including BryanBoy, Anna Dello Russo, and Susie Lau's Style Bubble. The bloggers were given notice about the shutdown in November. A spokesperson told BoF that the decision was made in order to zero in on "We are redoubling our focus on expanding our industry-leading site,," the spokesperson said. "We thank the Now Manifest bloggers for their contributions to the portal."

The blogs will continue to run as independent entities. The only major change after being dropped by NowManifest is that bloggers are now on their own to find and manage advertising accounts, but they don't seem too worried about it. Susie Lau told BoF that she was happy to run the advertising on her site and Anna Dello Russo said that she, too, was happy to continue running her blog on her own.