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The Most Painfully Sweet Lyrics In Kanye's Ode to Kim, 'Awesome'

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Kanye West took a break from rapping about his own brilliance to dedicate his latest song to his wife, Kim. Called "Awesome," the tune was first heard at the 2013 Met Ball, but has been under wraps ever since. 'Ye doesn't completely give up his tendency for self-praise, as one of the simplest lines is dedicated to himself: "I'm also awesome." How could anyone forget? You have given us no time to forget, 'Ye.

The remainder of the lyrics are undeniably sweet, and totally Kim-centric. Here are the absolute cutest:

1. "You don't need me to ever write / I read your last message at least 1,000 times."

2. "I hope you ready for tonight / I'm gon cook, you'll be dessert."

3. "Cause I'd rather do nothing with you / Than something with somebody new"

4. "You're so awesome / You're so out the park / You're so after dark / You're so sleepless nights, oh you feel so right"

5. "I know you must be tired / From running through my mind"

6. "You don't need to listen to your manager / You're way too hot for them to handle you"

Here it is!

Oh man, whoops, how'd that get in there? Listen to the actual song here.