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Surgery: The Next Frontier in Our National Butt Obsession

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images
Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

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The Hollywood Reporter is on the front lines reporting about America's celeb-induced obsession with augmented butts. While women in 2004 Googled for tips about making their butts smaller, these queries are far outnumbered in 2014 by searches for tips about how to make their butts bigger, according to the magazine.

And plastic surgeons are happy to help out in the quest for an Amber Rose-esque figure. The Brazilian butt lift—in which fat is lipo-ed out of trouble areas like bellies and thighs and then injected into patients' backsides to enlarge and "pop" the butt—is America's fastest growing cosmetic procedure. It starts at $9,500, involves 10 injections in each cheek, and doesn't sound like an easy surgery to bounce back from, considering patients aren't supposed to sit down for two weeks.

Just know, not every butt lift will result in the perfect bubble butt. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu is quoted as saying: "What makes a successful buttocks augmentation are technique, technology and time. That's the difference between a 'mass produced' and a 'bespoke' butt."

For those who don't want to go under the knife, consider Booty Pop padded underwear, a brand that's seen sales increase 40% in the past six months. Booty Pop co-founder Lisa Reisler, who started the brand back in 2010, told The Hollywood Reporter: "We are now selling a pad that's 40 percent larger than when we launched, and there are tons of requests. It used to be if your husband said your booty looked big in jeans, it was an insult. Now, it's a compliment. The power of celebrities over body image is immense."