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The Cost of Designer Micro-Bags, By Cubic Inch

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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Just because luxury designers are rolling out bags in absurdly tiny proportions doesn't mean that price tags are shrinking by much. Stylecaster calculates the cost of eight of spring's teeniest bags by cubic inch, for comparisons' sake. The most jaw-dropping sticker shock of the lot is the $8,100 Dior "Lady Dior" embroidered satin bag, which clocks in at $74.24 per cubic inch.

Next to that, the 7.5-inch wide, $815 Chloé "The Marcie" seems like a bargain at $4 per cubic inch, as does the 9-inch wide, $1,745 Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 leather cross-body bag at $6.92 per cubic inch. Keep in mind that the iPhone 6 is just under six inches wide, making it a tight fit for most of these micro bags.