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Starbucks Introduces Cold-Brew Coffee In Thousands Of Stores

Photo: Starbucks
Photo: Starbucks

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Spring is just around the corner, and so is prime iced coffee season. Starbucks is about to switch up its iced coffee options, and Eater reports that on March 31st, the chain will roll out cold-brew coffee to 2,800 stores in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest.

The brewing method has been championed by indie coffeehouses and is said to result in iced coffee that's less acidic and more caffeinated. Starbucks is going to steep their coffee in cool water for 20 hours, and their cold-brew coffee will be limited in quality. Each store will only make one batch a day, or enough for 40 grande-sized cups. That might be troubling news for afternoon coffee runs, but the standard Starbucks iced coffee will continue to be available as well.