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Time Inc. Launches New Beauty Site, Mimi

Time Inc.
Time Inc.

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On Monday, Time Inc. announced the launch of Mimi, a new site dedicated to all things beauty. According to the press release, the site will consist of aggregated content from Time Inc. partners, original content from the site's five staff members, and content culled from the site's community of readers.

"Mimi represents a substantial opportunity for Time Inc. to attract new consumers, while deepening engagement with our existing audience of 70+ million women," a statement from Evelyn Webster, Time Inc.'s executive vice president, reads. "Across Time Inc. brands alone, we reach the women responsible for nearly 60% of all beauty product sales in the US, making Mimi an ideal solution for clients seeking to leverage the spending power of this highly coveted audience."

The main goal for the site is to constantly publish beauty content from a load of different sources. "Since everyone is 'obsessed' with a different aspect of beauty, we set out to create a constant stream of beauty chatter," Deanne Kaczerski, the site's editorial director, explained in an introductory post. "Whether we're posting about celebrity beauty news, hairstyle ideas and tips, our favorite products and reviews on the ones we can't live without, we post so much that as soon as you refresh your phone (don't worry, we're also Mac and PC friendly), something new will be there waiting for you."

It's a similar concept to Time Inc.'s The Snug, a DIY-focused site which launched last month and bills itself as a hub for aggregated content from Time Inc. properties as well as a place for readers to create posts on the site.