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The Joe of Joe Fresh Is Leaving the Company

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According to a report in WWD, Joe Fresh founder Joe Mimran will be stepping down from his position as the brand's creative director by the end of the week. Mimran's duties will be passed on to Mario Grauso, the president of the Canadian fast-fashion brand.

"Nothing changes about the goals," Grauso said. "We are still a company focused on great fashion essentials at an exceptional price. The core values stay the same."

Joe Mimran's exit has reportedly been discussed and planned out over the past 18 months. He will continue on as the president of his design consultancy, Joe Mimran & Associates, and there are rumors of a television project in the works.

Still, Grauso was adamant that Mimran would continue to have an effect on the company after his departure. "I talk to him five times a day," Grauso said. "I will call on him whenever I need him. He promised to make himself accessible to me. He is our founder so he will always keep an eye on us."