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Former Conde Nast Interns Can Now Cash In On Their Settlement

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Last November, Condé Nast settled its highly public intern lawsuit to the tune of $5.8 million, and now former interns dating back to 2007 may be able to start cashing in on the win. Past interns have been sent emails notifying them of the settlement and directing them towards to file a claim form by June 16.

The notice was authorized by federal court and spells out the legal rights and options for all possible participants. Though the lawsuit has been settled, filing a claim form doesn't automatically mean former interns will get a piece of the settlement. "The Court in charge of this case still has to decide whether to approve the settlement," the notice reads. "If the Court approves the settlement and after appeals, if any, are resolved, payments will be made only to those individuals who are eligible and who complete and return a Claim Form."