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Crucial Update

Notable: Anna Kendrick Doesn't Skip the Pitbull Part in Her 'Booty' Lip Sync

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Jimmy Fallon's late night lip syncing segment has become so wildly popular that it's received its very own spinoff on Spike TV called Lip Sync Battle. The celebrity-packed premiere, filled to the brim with odd pairings, will be hosted by LL Cool J and commented on by Chrissy Teigen, model and wife to John Legend.

Anna Kendrick is among the many famous and endearing participants, though she's especially notable thanks to a rendition of "Booty," in which she's joined by Jennifer Lopez herself. Arguably, the most impressive part of Anna's performance is not, however, J.Lo's presence. It's that the actor doesn't skip the Pitbull interlude. Powerful stuff.

The show kicks off April 2nd at 10PM on Spike TV.