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American Apparel Turns Its Back on Nipples and Pubic Hair

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Another day, another American Apparel controversy. This time, the retailer was called into question for airbrushing out nipples and pubic hair on models wearing its new lingerie products. According to a report in Animal, the models appeared on the website last week with un-photoshopped nipples and pubic hair showing through the sheer lingerie. However, new model shots on the site this week have clearly been doctored to remove all traces of nipples and pubic hair:

The left image is a screenshot from today, while the right was taken last week.

Even now, it's obvious from a quick browse on the website that the lingerie images marked "new" clearly look more photoshopped than the older images. Animal points out that this could be evidence of new CEO Paula Schneider's quest to de-sexify American Apparel branding.