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Jenna Lyons's Career Tips Involve Working Around The Clock

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Work really hard, love your job, but don't necessarily ask for a raise or promotion. That's career advice from Jenna Lyons, J.Crew's creative director and sequin aficionado, who spoke at a Hearst Master Class last week. The Cut recorded Lyons's take on career advancement, in which she suggests that you first love what you are doing, and, then in turn, get noticed for being the helpful, go-getter type of employee who happily works overtime. She said:

The way you get ahead is by doing something that you love and committing to yourself to do that, because then you’ll be happy, and you’ll work hard, and you’ll get noticed for that. If you’re trying to get somewhere because it’s important to you to get somewhere, those are often the people I don’t promote. People who are in my office asking for a raise, asking for a promotion, I’m not going to promote you first. I’m going to promote the person who is still there when I leave at 6:30, and is there when I come in the next morning, and instead of going home says, "Can I do anything else?" is so obsessed with what they’re doing, surprises me, helps other people. And I’m not saying it’s a bad question, just that I think our culture has created this scenario where it’s like "I have to climb," and I just feel like if you love what you do you’ll get there and it’ll happen.

During her remarks, Lyons explained the back story behind her feathery Solange wedding outfit and also mentioned that people don't recognize her if she doesn't wear her glasses.