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Former Nike Designers Allege "Culture of Intimidation"

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Photo: Getty

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Remember Nike's $10 million lawsuit against three former designers for allegedly stealing trade secrets when they left for Adidas? Denis Dekovic, Marc Dolce, and Mark Miner are issuing a countersuit against their former employer. Dezeen has the text from the counter lawsuit against Nike, which states, "None of the designers has ever passed any trade secret information to Adidas or any other competitor, and they will not ever do so."

The Nike-turned-Adidas designers claim that Nike violated their privacy by accessing their personal social media accounts. The counter suit states: "Nike monitored, read, copied and distributed its employees' personal communications with friends and family."

The designers also allege that working at Nike was "stifling their creativity" with a "culture of distrust and intimidation" between Nike designers and execs. They claim that Nike is suing them as a "publicity stunt" and to discourage others from jumping ship.

Nike declined to comment to Dezeen about the dispute. But Nike did issue a statement to the Portland Business Journal, which reads: "The court granted Nike's request for an injunction and we stand by our claims against the three former Nike designers. We will continue to defend and protect our intellectual property."