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Crucial Update

H&M's Mannequin Army of Taylor Swift Lookalikes Creeps Out Taylor Swift

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H&M <3's Coachella, and Taylor Swift apparently. The retailer assembled an army of blonde-bobbed, red-lipped Swift lookalikes to welcome shoppers upon entering the store. If you ever wondered what Tay would look like if she were a bot in H&M clothing, this is your chance. This is it.

Also on Taylor's Tumblr radar, The Princeton Review. The test prep book chose to school SAT takers on how not to use pronouns with some misquoted T. Swift lyrics. Studious Swifties quickly took notice of the wrongly cited "Fifteen" lyrics, and notified Taylor immediately. For what it's worth, the correct lyric is, "Somebody tells you they love you, you're gonna believe them." Stay in your lane, Princeton Review.