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Apple Store Employees Have to Learn to Talk Fashion to Sell the Apple Watch

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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The same people who help you with specs for a new MacBook are now being trained to weigh in on your fashion choices. 9to5Mac uncovered details about how Apple is teaching retail store employees to dole out style advice to sell Apple Watches, a process that is totally new terrain for Apple.

Apple Watch Sales Scenario

Photo: 9to5Mac

9to5Mac presents scenarios (like the above) that Apple employees will need to parse to figure out how to best match the customer with the Apple Watch and corresponding band. Apple's even broken it down to canned phrases that employees should use, like "you seem to have a fun style. I think the Pink Sport band would match your style perfectly," or "the white strap looks great on you."

Of course, there's an upsell angle, too. Apple store employees are being told to push iPhone upgrades to customers who are interested in the Apple Watch. Shoppers can try on the Apple Watch at Apple stores beginning on April 10, and can buy the watch on April 24.