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Crucial Update

Who Better Than Vogue to Dress Iggy's New Boobs


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Over a tuna melt and fries, Iggy Azalea decided to tell Vogue's Lynn Yaeger about her new "shape," i.e. her new boobs. When asked what she would like to change about her body, the Australian rapper nonchalantly admitted, "I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs!" While Iggy didn't want her young fans to doubt their own appearances, she also realized, "I wasn't into secret-keeping." In honor of her new figure, the duo headed over to Barneys, where Azalea picked up Stella McCartney jeans, a Balenciaga coat, and a Chloé poncho.

Left: 2014 Grammys, Right: 2015 Grammys