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Milan Fashion Week Deemed 'Odd, Unsatisfying'

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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New York Times fashion critic Vanessa Friedman is calling this season in Milan "odd" and "unsatisfying." Part of the problem might be that the whole city is distracted by Expo 2015, the world's fair opening in Milan in the spring devoted to food. "What? You want to talk about clothes? Have some carpaccio instead," Friedman writes.

Friedman thinks maybe the distraction could explain some of the listlessness and lack of ambition on the runway. She writes of the scene: "Parties and celebrities were thin on the ground; the biggest trends to emerge have been Lurex and fur for the feet (really: sheared-mink shoes will be big come September). The ’80s are of interest to some. Rumors have swirled with no closure."

Friedman then goes on to critique Salvatore Ferragamo's collection as "perfectly serviceable, if limited," and Missoni's look as "synthetic 1980s girl band," with only Giorgio Armani's elegant collection earning praise as "one of his least convoluted, and hence most authentic, collections in seasons."