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Cultural Appropriation Hits the Runway in Milan

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Getty Images

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Canadian brand Dsquared2 has come under fire for cultural appropriation after the debut of its latest collection at Milan Fashion Week, which it describes as a mix between "the enchantment of Canadian Indian tribes" and "the confident attitude of the British Aristocracy." According to CBC News, the brand dubbed the collection #Dsquaw at first but quickly removed all references from its website and social media platforms after seeing the reaction.

Followers caught on to the slip immediately. Instagrammers flooded Dsquared2's photos with comments like: "Why are you changing the hashtags now?! People have already seen the wrong you have done," and "How can you two be so damn oblivious? Do you not read? Do you not notice designers getting put on blast for this shit?" Brands ranging from Urban Outfitters to Chanel have been shamed for appropriating Native American culture in the past.