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Sephora's New 'Flash' Shipping Gives Amazon a Run for Its Money

Photo: Getty
Photo: Getty

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Sephora just started its own version of Amazon Prime, Fast Company reports. For $10 a year, Flash account shoppers in the Continental US and Puerto Rico get unlimited free two-day shipping with no minimum purchase requirements. That applies to every purchase throughout the year. Flash members can also opt for overnight shipment for $5.95, normally priced at $16.95.

Serious Sephora fans don't even need to pay $10 a year for the subscription. Flash is free for VIB Rouge members, also known as shoppers who spend more than $1,000 at Sephora in a calendar year.

In a pilot program for Flash, shoppers who signed up for the subscription spent twice as much as other Sephora customers who had been comparable shoppers, according to Fast Company. "We found that when women hear about a product they want, they just want to buy it, they don't want to amass a basket, or put it on a list to think about later. So this is how we are fulfilling that need for instant gratification," Sephora exec Bridget Dolan told the magazine.