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Is American Apparel Really 'Intimidating' and 'Silencing' Its Workers?

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Photo: Getty

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American Apparel is not just facing a pro-Dov Charney movement but a full-out insurrection, according to Forbes. AA employees have filed complaints against American Apparel with the National Labor Relations Board.

One employee alleges that she was "accosted and interrogated" by American Apparel security after a meeting off-site to discuss cuts in hours, with security taking her fliers and photographing her employee badge.

The other complaint alleges that the company's recently employed media ban is "silencing" employees. Buzzfeed reporter Sapna Maheshwari quotes Keith Fink, lawyer for the employees, who says that "the place is imploding."

An American Apparel spokesperson told Buzzfeed that the company is committed to "free speech and social commentary" and said it will "investigate these allegations to determine the actual facts." The spokesperson also said that if "anyone is found to have been intimidating employees, we will take the appropriate action to remedy the situation." A labor coalition of 500 American Apparel factory workers, formed with the help of ousted CEO Dov Charney, is set to have its third meeting this Saturday.