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Crucial Update

Who Is Feeling Themselves Harder: Beyoncé or Nicki?

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Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé battle to out-feel one another in the "Feeling Myself" music video, which was just released on Tidal. The video, which is basically Tumblr, The Musical, is set in Indio, California (home of Coachella). They wear bucket hats, eat burgers, throw fries, and feel themselves. But which woman is feeling herself more? A breakdown:

Beyoncé is feeling herself so hard she doesn't care where the camera is.

Nicki is feeling herself harder because flower crowns have no place in this life.

Nicki, Queen, doesn't stoop to getting her fur wet, ipso facto ergo she's feeling herself harder.

Nicki, eyes closed denote ultimate feeling of thyself.

Nicki, literally feeling herself, and bonus, she's in a "pervert" jersey.

No one eats a burger like that Beyoncé. Nicki is feeling herself more.

Beyoncé, because she just caught multiple fries with her mouth.

Conclusion: Nicki is authentically feeling herself. It's her song, her personality. Beyoncé is glomming on to Nicki's style, and feeling herself extra hard under the influence of Minaj. Nicki's the baseline, and Bey is trying to reach and surpass it. Nicki is feeling herself harder.