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Abercrombie Executives Pitted Against Each Other to Fill CEO Role

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

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Abercrombie & Fitch has yet to name a replacement for Michael Jeffries, the retailer's controversial CEO who was ousted at the end of last year. Bloomberg reports that in the company's search to find its next leader, it is pitting Abercrombie's top three executives against each other: Jonathan Ramsden (Chief Operating Officer), Christos Angelides (Abercrombie Brand President), and Fran Horowitz (Hollister Brand President).

According to Bloomberg, they all still get along. "Sitting around a conference table at the company's suburban headquarters—which has the feel of a college campus—the three laughed at the suggestion that competing for the same job is awkward," reporter Lindsey Rupp writes.

Abercrombie acknowledged that if one is chosen, the other two executives may leave the company. On the other hand, it also hired an executive search firm to survey external hiring possibilities, in case none of the three are chosen to fill the empty role.

"Fortunately, we all get along well," Ramsden told Rupp. "We all respect what each other brings to the table. Our experience so far has been that we're very complementary."