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Uniqlo Is Selling Hijabs In Its Latest Designer Collab

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Photo: Hana Tajima

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In a modern take on designer collabs, Uniqlo's forthcoming collection with UK-based designer Hana Tajima includes hijabs alongside the dresses, skirts, and pants that are usually seen in these sorts of partnerships. "We want to create a collection that not only appeals to modern ladies who prefer to dress modestly, but also an international audience who desire clothes that fit comfortably and look contemporary," Tajima explained.

Unfortunately, the US stores won't be stocking the collab: it's set to launch just in select Uniqlo locations in Singapore and online on July 3rd. Meanwhile, Uniqlo has two collabs with Christophe Lemaire and Carine Roitfeld in the works for US customers. You can still browse the Hana Tajima collection here and check out the accompanying teaser video below: