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Crucial Update

Jennifer Lawrence Belts Out Cher's 'Believe' So It Will Be Stuck in Your Head Forever

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After speaking at an earlier Comic-Con panel in Louis Vuitton, Jennifer Lawrence and the Hunger Games cast stopped by Conan O'Brien's set at the San Diego event. The talk show host's first matter of business was J. Law's chart-topping song for the film series. The actress admitted that "it would have reached number one" if she simply recorded herself making farting noses, which seems like an indirect shoutout to her extremely loyal Hunger Games fans.

Lawrence did throw in a bonus song, performing "Believe" by Cher alongside Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. The co-stars either have the most legendary chemistry ever or have performed their a capella version of the Cher classic before. Honestly, both are probably true.