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Fashion Fans Displeased by Kendall Jenner’s First Fendi Ads

Photo: Getty Images

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From Calvin Klein to Fendi, Kendall Jenner's face is going to be all over fashion advertisements this fall. Fendi teased her shoot on Instagram back in April and now the finished product is here, complete with weird toy marionettes hanging out in the background. The Fashion Spot commentators have already descended swiftly and fiercely on the photos; according to one, it's "hands down the worst Fendi campaign I've seen in awhile."

Another commenter spelled it out more bluntly: "Are you kidding me?? What is that face? There is no tension in her body. She just stands there. It really bugs me. It's almost the 50th anniversary of Karl at Fendi and this is no way to celebrate. That house deserves more and Kendall deserves nothing. She's not a model. Period."

Interestingly, neither Fendi nor Kendall Jenner have teased the images on social media yet.

Photos: The Fashion Spot

Photos: The Fashion Spot