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Women Like Apple Watches More Than Men Do

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On the eve of Apple's quarterly earnings report — and in the face of rampant speculation that Apple Watch sales have fallen off a cliff — a new survey reports that Apple Watch users say they are really happy with their watches. The research group Wristly surveyed 800 users for their just-released Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction report. Of those surveyed, 31% said they were "somewhat" satisfied with the Watch, while 66% said they were "very satisfied / delighted" by their purchase. Wristly combined those for a 97% customer satisfaction rate. Analyst Ben Bajarin, who worked with Wristly on the survey, suggests that the Apple Watch has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any previous 1.0 Apple product.

Of course, as Mashable notes, all those surveyed are early adoptors and it's "unlikely that those who spent from $349 to $1,000-plus would be willing to admit they made a mistake." An Apple spokesperson told Mashable, "Every day we hear from customers who love their Apple Watch and are finding new ways to use it."

Wristly also reported that 73% of those surveyed said the Watch was a good value, but only 27% said they were likely to buy an Apple Watch for someone else (you would have to really like someone to give that gift though). Of those Apple Watch users surveyed, 53% (the majority) didn't work in tech, and these were the people who liked the watch the most. "It was almost as if the farther away people were from tech or the tech industry, the more they liked the Apple Watch," Bajarin wrote of what he learned while talking to people on the street who were wearing Apple Watches.

Wristly also found that women were more likely to give high ratings for the watch's functionality than men were, with 58% of women saying they were "very satisfied/delighted" with the Watch's ease of use and only 47% of men saying the same thing.

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