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Condé Nast May Be Giving Up on Self Magazine

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More troubles may be ahead for several of Condé Nast's magazines. WWD reports that the struggling publishing company was shopping Self around earlier this year, but couldn't generate interest in a buyout. Now, the fitness magazine (which was recently revamped in an effort to regain readership) may either merge with Allure or shutter completely.

According to unnamed sources, the magazine's focus on fashion and self-improvement under new editor-in-chief Joyce Chang and artistic director Anna Wintour hasn't been performing well with readers or advertisers. On top of that, Self's model-centric covers haven't been grabbing any extra dollars at newwstands either.

Similarly, Details may either merge with GQ or also shutter, although WWD notes that rumors of Details shuttering have been so longstanding that it's hard to determine if there's any truth to them at this point. A similar report in the New York Post suggests that three Condé Nast magazines are likely to either shutter or go digital-only, although it doesn't name titles. All of the rumors are reaching critical mass in anticipation of Condé Nast's annual budget meeting—last year, the resulting fallout included Lucky's spinoff to Beachmint, which ended in the shuttering of the print publication.