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Crucial Update

North West Is a Stone Cold Baby And Hopefully She Never Changes


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Kim is so appreciative of her family, and can't wait for her newest addition. Stone cold.

Here is a very sentimental "four generations" photo that will be in North's family forever. Stone cold.

There are three sets of puckered lips coming at North's face right here. Stone cold.

Mom cropped North out of this photo because her eyes are closed, but it is assumed she is stone cold.

North sharing her snacks with Penelope. Profile stone cold.

Dadye reading North her favorite book. Profile stone cold.

North blowing out the candles of her Minnie Mouse-themed birthday dessert. Stone cold.

North spending her birthday at Disney. Unimpressed and stone cold.

North's baptism in Jerusalem. Stone cold.

North leaving ballet. Stone cold.

Please, oh please, North. Never change.