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Crucial Update

Moms Turned Bugaboo's Stroller Babe Into the Best Inside Joke


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On the internet this week, a group of comedians commented on the state of high-end strollers, motherhood, and jogging. The laughs, and believe them, there were many, many laughs, came at the expense of Bugaboo Stroller, and its suggestion that images of bikini clad stroller mom and model, Ymre Stiekema were something they should take seriously. Here's some of the comedians best material:

"Haha @xlrobertson If we buy it, do we look like her?"

"@dublinob @jan15blue what do you think? Should we sign up for stroller strides? I know I'll be looking like this!"

"@denaypeters @ljremps@_jullo ladies, I'm not sure which of you provided this photo of me to Bugaboo but I would appreciate it if the next time we go running together in our bikinis if you could keep it private. K thanks bye#relatablemompics #honestmothering#marketingfail"

"@mariahilaslouie is this why you are looking for a jogger? Did you get a new swim suit you want to show off?@calisonrun"

And the image that inspired thousands and thousands of LOLZ...