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Diane Von Furstenberg's Reality Show Is Back, Despite Lackluster Ratings

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Diane von Furstenberg's E! reality show, House of DVF, received tepid reviews at best in its debut season last year (a common trait in fashion TV shows). It was reportedly a complete ratings disaster, which hurt even worse considering its mission was to bring some class back to the reality show network. Despite all that, E! is bringing the show back for round two in the fall.

In case you never sat down to watch, House of DVF pits a number of contestants against each other as they each compete to be the next DVF brand ambassador. In the just-released trailer for season two, there's snippets of women crying, one contestant being forced to draw the line between a job at Vogue or DVF, a quick shot of Rachel Zoe deeming that "this is a disaster," and DVF throwing up her hands while exclaiming, "Welcome to the world of fashion!" The second season airs at 10pm on Sunday, Sept. 13th.