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Crucial Update

Kim Kardashian's Hype Energy Commercial Is Two and Half Minutes of Batshit Crazy

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Hype Energy released a short film, a.k.a. unbearably long commercial, featuring the face of it's drink brand, Kim Kardashian. Outfitted in a black turtleneck and short bangs, Kim rides her bike à la Audrey Hepburn—except her basket isn't carrying a puppy; it's filled with Hype Energy drinks. Kim/Audrey, a little too focused on the camera, derails and passes out on a street in Wynwood. From there, she dreams she's Marie Antoinette lounging elegantly and sipping Hype from a crystal glass. This obviously brings her back to being Audrey for a real quick moment, before she briefly turns into some sort of questionably corn-rowed clubber? Consider your weird celebrity promo quota of the day filled and go forth confused.