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15 Fashionable Instagrammers You're Not Following Yet

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Aleali May

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The dog days of summer are here and the time between repeats of your "good" outfits is getting shorter and shorter. Jackets, ankle boots, and the notion of layering — layering! — are still far in the distance, and you're in desperate need of some new ideas for getting dressed. Luckily, inspiration is as close as your Instagram feed — so long as you're following the right people. We've cued up fifteen of our favorite under-the-radar style stars from around the world, perfect for breaking you out of your summer style rut.


A photo posted by Rachel Nguyen (@thatschic) on

@thatschic: Rachel is a blogger well-known for her taste in playful, fun clothes and accessories. Her IG is full of summer fun and easy, but interesting, outfits.


A photo posted by (uh•lay•lee) (@alealimay) on

@alealimay: After stints at Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery, Aleali struck out on her own. Her Instagram is a visual diary of her adventures as a stylist/blogger/model.


A photo posted by Destiny (@princessnokia) on

@princessnokia: This singer and actress radiates joy in her images, which often show off her cool swimwear and even cooler clique.


@ponytailjournal: If you're looking for a fashionable friend with a love of travel and good meals, Lauren Yates is your girl, capturing her adventures with panache.


A photo posted by A M Y S A L L (@amy_sall) on

@amy_sall: We love how Amy mixes bright African prints into minimalist outfits, but it's her commentary on art, society, and culture that truly sets her apart from the crowd.


A photo posted by @trustmedaddy on

@trustmedaddy: You probably recognize Sanam from Rihanna’s "Bitch Better Have My Money" video. One look at her feed and it's obvious why her unique style got her the gig.


@ngoldenberg: As a full-time mom, this designer and stylist shares candid snaps of her life that feel refreshingly real. Natasha's colorful photos often feature her adorable daughter.


@cyndiramirez: The founder of food site Taste the Style has a colorful feed that reflects her equally colorful life as a fashion tastemaker with a bohemian edge.


@kaiaventdeleon: Kai is the owner of Brooklyn boutique Sincerely Tommy, and uses her personal account to model pieces from the store, as well as showcase some of her favorite designer finds.


@nadiaaboulhosn: Nadia is a blogger, model, and (most importantly) living proof that you can pull off any look if you have the confidence and personality.


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@indiaroseco: Look to India’s perfectly composed feed for minimalist inspiration in white, black, and grey.


@odergate: If ever you're in need of a selfie tutorial, consult this stylish model's feed.


@rajni_jacques: Meet Racked's very own fashion editor at large! Rajni mixes shots of her refined but relaxed style with colorful scenery, killers accessories, and interesting artwork.


@thehautepursuit: Vanessa Hong's well-curated account puts her impeccable minimalist taste front and center.


@emilyelaineoberg: From her gig as an editorial producer at Complex to launching her own lifestyle brand, we wonder how Emily Oberg even has time to think about Instagram. With her laid-back style, positive attitude, and impressive sneaker collection, we're glad she does.