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Crucial Update

Ashley Tisdale's Lifestyle Site Launched With a Chia Pudding Recipe, Pastel Hair Maintenance Tips

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After a year's worth of work, Ashley Tisdale has finally lifted up the curtain on her new lifestyle site, The Haute Mess. The former Disney Channel star greets her old fans and new with a welcome video, giving away some information on the nuts and bolts of her blog. Although the creators were juggling a few potential names, The Haute Mess was Tisdale's favorite, as her site is about "embracing 'the haute mess' in all of us." She continues, "I wanted to create a platform where guys and gals can share their imperfectness and figure it out together." So far, "figuring it out together," includes ways for maintaining your Kylie-esque pastel hair, making chia pudding and fruit ice cubes, and how to handle adult responsibilities.