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Cos Plans to Open 27 New Stores By the End of the Year

Photo: Cos/Facebook

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H&M's sister brand Cos is a fan favorite for its minimalistic, upscale feel that balances out H&M's masses of trendy fast fashion. It's still a small operation compared to H&M's mission to conquer the world, but the brand has been enjoying its own success, so much so that it now has detailed plans to expand beyond New York and LA.

Cos is moving into a new location in NYC on 5th Avenue, in addition to the one store that's already in the city. There will also be a second California location, located in Costa Mesa. For those who live outside of LA and/or NYC, the brand is also opening up its first shops in Boston and Houston, Texas. All four new stores will open by the end of the year.

According to Business of Fashion, the new locations were picked based on e-commerce sales in those areas. Outside of America, Cos has plans to open 23 new international locations by the end of the year as well. "They [H&M Group] really found the missing link and the gap in the market for a brand like Cos," Marie Honda, managing director of Cos, told Business of Fashion. "The approach that we have, to have design quality for an affordable price was something that was missing."