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Levi's Bets on Stretch Jeans For Its Revamp of Women's Denim

Photo: Levi's/Facebook

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Levi's is about to launch the most comprehensive reinvention of its women's jeans since 1934, the New York Times reports. The launch is happening tomorrow, with a feminist-leaning campaign featuring Alicia Keys and the tagline "Because Your Butt Looks Better in Levi's." To make butts around the world look good, the denim brand traveled to cities like Chicago, Shanghai, Hamburg, and Stockholm for research and interviewed hundreds of women of all ages, body shapes, and ethnicities about their jeans preferences.

The result of all that research involves making back pockets larger and making many pairs of jeans a lot stretchier. A few styles will feature 90% stretch. "The one comment that came up in every interview was that fabric and feeling is now as important as fit," Levi's chief product officer Karyn Hillman told NYT.

What if you're not into stretch jeans? There might be hope: in response to a comment on Facebook asking "Why not just go back to basics? Strong denim, quality cotton, simple dyes, and a solid fit," Levi's replied, "We hear you. Stay tuned for 7/8."

The ad push for the Women's Denim Collection will reportedly be the biggest investment Levi’s has ever made for a woman’s campaign. Look for print ads featuring indie musicians as well as commercials with Alicia Keys, which will include a song from her upcoming album.

Levi's Jeans Facebook

Photo: Levi's/Facebook