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Here's How Athluxury Brand Kit + Ace Is Introducing Itself to the US

Photo: Kit+Ace/Facebook

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Kit + Ace is the retail project of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson's wife and son, and it's trying to strike the same gold that Lululemon did in the athleisure space. Except with Kit + Ace the focus is on luxury, specifically through offering more high-end, technical clothing compared to Lululemon's piles of leggings and sports bras. To do that, it's reaching out in unconventional ways to build brand identity in the US. Currently, that means roadtripping across the States in an Airstream converted into a Kit + Ace pop-up shop, according to T Magazine. The Airstream, dubbed The Copper Studio by the brand, started in California during Coachella and has now made it across America to the East Coast.  Kit + Ace plans to stop in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and the Hamptons during the month of July.

"We were seeking a way to share the brand that was not only innovative but also reflects who we are — always on the move, constantly trying to engage with different customers," Shannon Wilson, one of the brand's founders, told T Magazine. "As we tour North America, we want to soak in each unique culture. This is entirely new territory for us, and it's the ultimate test for our clothing."