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Christian Louboutin Launches ‘Louboutinize’ Photo Filter App

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The next logical step after applying Christian Louboutin's $50 nail polish and $90 lipstick is to put it on Instagram, and now Louboutin is jumping in to help out with that process as well. The brand released a new, free photo filter app today on iTunes that basically puts a Louboutin-branded edge on user's photos. It's aptly called "Louboutinize" and users can choose between one of three filters to run over their photos: Rouge, which washes everything in a Louboutin-red haze, Legs, which puts a famous set of legs on the photo subject, and Crystallize, which makes photos look like they are being viewed from behind Louboutin's crystal nail polish bottle.

According to WWD, the brand plans on curating a selection of the most creatively filtered photos each week. While there's just three filters to choose from now, Louboutin plans on releasing new filters on a monthly or bimonthly schedule, and there's already a men's filter in the works for September. Until then, people are already going to town on the three filters available:

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