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Vice's ‘Women's’ Site Broadly Hires Women Who Spoke Out Against Terry Richardson

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Vice launched its female-focused channel Broadly earlier this month, and the Observer noticed something interesting about the bylines that appeared on the site during the launch. Rie Rasmussen, Jamie Peck, and Anna del Gaizo have all spoken out against photographer Terry Richardson for alleged sexual misconduct, and all three women wrote pieces for Broadly that appeared right next to each other on the homepage.

"It’s not a coincidence. Hiring these women and giving them a platform is our comment," Broadly's EIC Tracie Egan Morrissey told the Observer.

Richardson stopped shooting for Vice in 2013, but he has a long history with the magazine and the Observer credits him with helping to establish the sexually-charged aesthetic that Vice was known for. The magazine recently hired its first female EIC, Ellis Jones, this spring. The Observer's Sage Lazzaro writes: "As Vice Media tries to tap into the female market, it’s probably for the best that Mr. Richardson is no longer their go-to guy. The choice of authors for the new women’s channel certainly sends a big FU to Mr. Richardson."