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Lena Dunham's ‘Girls’ Dressing Room Is an Etsy Goldmine

Photos: My Domaine

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My Domaine got an exclusive look inside Lena Dunham's Girls dressing room and, not surprisingly, it's a goldmine of girly prints and admirable Etsy finds. Dunham told My Domaine that the space needed to be conducive to writing, mediating, snacking, napping—all the things that get wrapped into a normal day working on Girls. The end result includes plenty of Kate Spade furniture, Jonathan Adler accessories, and a pair of brass frog bookends. "I love the chance to make a space feel like the inside of your mind," Dunham told My Domaine.

Far and away, Etsy is the most sourced website for all of Dunham's interior decorating needs. "I love searching everything from ‘lamb pillow' to ‘baby blue trunk' and seeing what happens," Dunham says. "The deals I've found on there have been mind-blowing. Also, several times I've tried to buy a couch or chair at a shockingly low price, only to realize it was dollhouse furniture."

But even she can't escape the Etsy rabbit hole, and subsequent curse of buying ten too many things that looked really cool at one particular moment. "My boyfriend would argue our home is my own personal Etsy graveyard," Dunham told My Domaine, "and that my issue is paring things down and making choices—hence our eight ottomans (they were cheap!)."