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Goop Goes Shopping at Old Navy

Photo: Old Navy/Facebook

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This week's edition of the Goop newsletter was inspired by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow's son, Moses, and his abiding love for Old Navy. In fact, he supposedly loves Old Navy so much that Paltrow dedicated a whole column to shopping the budget retailer. "[Moses] wanders into the office and asks with regularity if we are selling Old Navy in the goop shop yet," the newsletter reads. "So we decided to do something different this week and challenge ourselves to do a tight edit of the brand for back-to-school shopping."

The corresponding edit, produced in partnership with Old Navy, features several internet-famous faces (including toddler blogger London and her mom Sai) all decked out in the best of Old Navy's back-to-school pieces. It's pretty much the antithesis of Goop's regular, outrageously expensive roundups: the priciest item is a $44.94 pair of black overalls. Of course, scroll a little farther down the newsletter, and there's a feature on Taylor Tomasi Hill villa-hopping through St. Barths. Whew, back to normal.